If I were Michelin, I wouldn't have published a restaurant guide this year.

If I were Michelin, I wouldn’t have published a restaurant guide this year.

Most chefs are happy not to include initiatives in the review. Is it related to the fact that the Michelin referee is very important to them? “The best restaurants have really wondered, ‘Do we have to deliver at home? Is this home quality on your plate really worth a star? “But then it was smarter that they did it anyway,” says reviewer Van Dyck. Chef Van Duben admits it. “Our takeaway menu cannot be compared to the entire restaurant experience.”

Well crown effect

Although, among other things, exclusion was not included in the evaluation, the corona pandemic had an effect on evidence. For example, Michelin announced in October that it would delay the ceremony by two months, in part to give the inspectors more time to complete their work. However, restaurants closed again a few days after this announcement. “These restaurants were barely open,” asks Caron, “How can they judge in such a short time?” “I think it is strange.”

According to the head of Bijdendijk, more stars could have been awarded if the inspectors had more time. “If they could inspect after October, they might discover more of the higher-rated restaurants.”

Do not count the last year

Blau also believes the inspectors need more time. “I actually think Michelin didn’t count last year. The inspectors basically looked at things that happened before this year. Just look at Chef Hans Van Wold – who opened his restaurant Brut172 for one year and earned two stars today. He’s actually made a name for himself through it.” His former Michelin starred restaurant Beluga in Maastricht, so they know he can handle and keep stars. “

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Next year, says Bijdendijk, the guide will be a real challenge only for Michelin. “Time has really been wasted in recent months. There is no idea how they will resolve this.”

Chef Margo Reutten thinks fast food will likely count next year. “This is the new business. It won’t go away. It depends on what Michelin wants, but I’m not surprised.”

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