Ian Bishop’s 2016 World T20 commentary

When it comes to live sporting events, if you’re unable to be there, what really makes a televised experience is the quality of the commentary. Whether it is humour, passion, or a knowledge base to rival Google, what a commentator brings to a sport is their own personality and there is no way of stopping this from spilling over into their comments.

When you look at the likes of football it is the iconic comments made by Wolstenholme in the 1966 World Cup Final that will forever be remembered. With F1, no one will ever forget the passion and intensity that was brought by Bill Murray. Of course, there is then cricket. When it comes to the 2016 World T20 final, it is the words of Ian Bishop that are emblazoned on our minds.

Who is Ian Bishop?

For those of you who are unsure of who Ian Bishop is, as well as being famous for his 2016 commentary, he earned the right to take that position on the back of a successful playing career. The now 67-year-old plays down his famed commentary in an interview with Betway Sports where he insists “The players on the field make these moments”. He should know.

Bishop’s international career spanned a decade before coming to an end in 1998. This could well have gone on for longer had he not been haunted by repetitive injuries. This didn’t stop him from claiming an impressive 100 wickets in just 21 games though and earning the right to speak as an expert.

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The build-up to thatfamous moment

Bishop was certainly caught up in the passion of the final. There was no hiding whose side he was on and who he wanted to win. It appeared that Bishop’s most famous comment came of the blue, but the reality is that there was a build-up to this that took place away from the cricket field.

During his chat with Betway Sports, Bishop recalls a function that he attended 2 days prior to the final. A conversation took place with Bishop being quizzed with who he thought the players to watch were. Bishop’s comments at that function were “Carlos Braithwaite is a good all-round cricketer, remember that name”.

Lost in the moment

Bishop recalls the West Indies looking set for victory. It was when Braithwaite hit the final six that Bishop was lost in the moment. As he recalls “I wasn’t the lead commentator at the time”. The person with those honours was David Lloyd.

As the bat struck the ball, Lloyd tapped Bishop on the shoulder and allowed him to go on and make the most famous comment in cricketing history – “Carlos Braithwaite! Carlos Braithwaite! Remember the name!”.

The 2021 tournament

With the 2021 tournament fast approaching, we have the commentary of Bishop to look forward to again. There is no denying that Bishop’s voice is synonymous with T20. A T20 final without the voice of Bishop just wouldn’t be cricket!

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