“I wish I had never bought guinea pigs for my daughter.”

“I wish I had never bought guinea pigs for my daughter.”

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Strange, hormonal, or normal crazy Purchases. We all do it sometimes. Every week a mom tells Cake Mama about the biggest, most expensive or strangest bad purchase she's made. This time Ross, 40, bought guinea pigs for her daughter.

Biggest bad buy

how: Ross (40)
What: Guinea pigs
it costs: 50 euros

“You know that feeling when you do something that you think is a great idea, but then it turns out completely different than you expected? Well, that's what happened to me with guinea pigs.

Guinea pigs

It all started when my daughter begged for a pet for the umpteenth time. She wanted a dog, but I had enough on my mind without a hyperactive four-legged friend. So, in a weak moment, I thought it would be a great idea to gift her two cute little piggies. What could go wrong, right?

Well, apparently quite a bit. Those cute balls of fluff have turned into a loud duo! Who would have thought that such small creatures could make so much noise? They would scream all day long, especially when they suspected there was food nearby. We kept her in a cage in the living room, but I hated the smell too. That stale smell seems to be spreading throughout the house.

He forgets

But worst of all, my daughter promised to take care of them, but this promise did not last more than a week. I think she thought they would take care of themselves, like in a guinea pig fairy tale, because she forgot to water them, forgot to feed them, and forgot to give them any attention at all. And so I, the unfortunate mother, was forced to pay for the care of these guinea pigs.

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But do you know what madness is? Despite all the noise, smell, and extra care I had to put into it, I didn't have the heart to throw it away. Maybe it was the cute way they squeaked when you gave them carrots, or how happy they were to cuddle. I don't know, but somewhere deep down I started to like them a little. And here I was, with noisy guinea pigs and a reeking house that hadn't been cleaned in a month. Next time I will think twice before buying a pet…”

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