“I taught myself Japanese, and I already know a lot of the characters.”

“I taught myself Japanese, and I already know a lot of the characters.”

Yves Baumer: No, I’m not much of a sports person. I’m not good at it.Photo by Koko Olakunle

with whom do you live?

I live with my mother Sunny (36 years old), my father Rick (37 years old), my sisters Nour (9 years old) and Sar (6 years old) and my brothers Renz (3 years old) and Quinn (1) in Omine, at the edge of the forest. .’

This feels like a full house. How do you feel about that?

“Sometimes it’s very busy, but above all I find it fun. It’s nice that I can teach my siblings all kinds of things, and Nour is old enough to play together. Then we play games on the computer, or draw together. Drawing is really one of my biggest hobbies.” .

what are you drawing?

“Basically Japanese anime style stuff. I do a lot of kawaii drawings. Kawaii.” I mean nice thing I love Japan anyway. The nature is beautiful, the culture is great and I love the language too. That’s why I’ve been learning Japanese since last year. Now I can have a conversation with someone, and I can also write it well. Kanji has a lot of characters, but I already know a lot of them. I taught it myself with the help of Japanese books and the Internet. My phone is also full of Japanese apps and I listen to a lot of Japanese music. I’ve never been there before, so I still wanted to.

What do you want to do later?

“I want to do something in the creative world, so I’d like to go to art school. I want to draw, but I also want to write books. I’ve written a lot of books, mainly about magical worlds, with unicorns and the like. Then you can You imagine the whole world. I usually also make drawings for that. Then I let my sisters and my parents read those books. I also read something in school.

Yves Baumer: I've already written several books.  Photo by Koko Olakunle

Yves Baumer: I’ve already written several books.Photo by Koko Olakunle

Do you practice sport?

“No, I’m not much of a sports person. I’m not good at it. I’m on stage. It’s fun to pretend to be someone else for a moment, and try to feel that person’s emotions. Last year, when I was in seventh grade, we were actually allowed to participate ‘At the eighth grade concert. And then I could give advice to the other kids, which was nice.’

This year you are in the eighth group. How is that?

“I have a nice class, no groups. We all play together and I get along well with everyone. I used to be very shy, but that has completely disappeared since sixth grade. I don’t actually know how that’s possible. I’m excited to go to high school. Everything is different there : For example, you have to go to a new classroom after every lesson!’

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