Hungary and Poland press EU summit on migration |  outside

Hungary and Poland press EU summit on migration | outside

to updateEU leaders have yet to agree on asylum migration after hours of deliberation. Well after midnight, it was decided to “freeze the talks completely and sleep on them for one night,” Prime Minister Mark Rutte said after the first day of the EU summit in Brussels. Hungary and Poland oppose.

At the moment, the two countries are blocking results at the EU Summit of Heads of Government and State in Brussels on EU migration policy. The prime ministers of the two former Eastern bloc countries consider the recently agreed agreements on, among other things, the reception of asylum-seekers at Europe’s external borders and the seizure of asylum-seekers unacceptable.

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki rejects the agreements outright. He does not want to take in asylum seekers and wants new agreements to close the Polish border with walls that should be funded by Brussels. Warsaw wants to include in the conclusions that the countries of the European Union have the right to manage their own immigration policy and decide for themselves who to accept on their territory.

Hungary and Poland are angry, according to Prime Minister Mark Rutte, because the agreements were struck in June, while both countries opposed them. It is about the reception of asylum seekers at the external borders of Europe and the fair distribution of asylum seekers among the member states. Support for the Migration Pact did not require unanimity, but rather a simple majority.

Rutte stressed that if EU leaders did not agree on Friday, there would be no error in practice. Agreements reached at the beginning of this month on internal European asylum policy are still valid.

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Rutte is not afraid that Hungary and Poland will soon sabotage the agreements. If they do not stick to the agreements, the prime minister said the European Commission has “the resources to enforce compliance”. And in subsequent decisions on asylum policy, two rowdies can again be voted on.

The discussion on the first day of the summit was not about receiving and distributing migrants already in Europe, but about preventing the arrival of new asylum seekers. We want to organize that much more. We also want to prevent those dangerous crossings.” Poland and Hungary think so too, but now they are thwarting it anyway in order to “send a signal.”

The Prime Minister understands that the two countries are upset. “It is permitted and they are now expressing it in this way.”

Although the position of both countries has absolutely no consequences for the migration pact, according to Rutte, “it is of course better to see if you can come to a consensus.”

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