However, Cabinet announced some relief to retailers outside the sports and catering industries

However, Cabinet announced some relief to retailers outside the sports and catering industries

Outgoing Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Minister Hugo de Jong announced some relaxation Monday evening, despite previous reports, during a press conference on the situation regarding the Coronavirus. For example, as of March 16th, appointment shopping with only two people per store is no longer permitted, but with a maximum of one customer per 25 square meters of retail space.

The provisional cabinet also announced that the four adults can again play sports outside, at a distance of one and a half meters. Starting from March 16, children can take swimming lessons again in the indoor swimming pools. Parents should wait outside during class and the bathrooms in changing rooms remain closed.


The catering and higher education industry offers some perspective. From March 31, the stands may open again, if the R remains below 1. This number is now at 1.04.

When open, the maximum number of people per balcony applies. Minister De Jong said it could also be examined whether opening more retail trade was possible, as well as starting physical education in higher vocational education and university. Students will then be able to pursue on-site education one day a week, after taking a quick test in advance.

The curfew will remain in effect until at least March 30th. Negative travel advice is valid until April 15th.

Lifting the UK flight and docking ban. The British variant of the Coronavirus has already spread in the Netherlands, which is why this ban has no added value. This will not take effect from Tuesday 9 March 00.01 AM Dutch Time. Current test obligations for travelers from the UK will still apply, as will urgent quarantine advice.

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Teaching and communication professions

Two weeks ago, Rutte and De Jonge announced that high school and MBO would partially open their doors again starting March 1. Care outside the school will remain closed.

Then they also announced that, from March 3, people with communication professions, such as hairdressers and masseuses, can return to work. Driving instructors have also been allowed to return to work since then. This does not apply to sex workers.


People who were infected with the Coronavirus six months or less ago only need one injection of a vaccine against the virus. This assumes that people who have already contracted the virus have a certain degree of immunity. The government will look at how this advice is developed.

The next press conference will be on March 23rd. Then a separate travel advice will be issued for the May holiday and possibly summer vacation as well.

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