How safe is it to use a mosquito stopper in your bedroom?

How safe is it to use a mosquito stopper in your bedroom?

The mosquito plug in the socket releases an odorless vapor that scares away mosquitoes from the room you place it in. This vapor may be odorless, but what is it? Is this substance harmful to inhale?

Use a mosquito plug

Most mosquito plugs contain pralethrin or metofluthrin: natural and synthetic substances that are highly toxic to insects. It sounds scary, but these materials are safe to use. Because many plugs fall under biocides, they must be approved by the Board for a Plant Protection and Biocidal Product License before they can be sold. If permitted, you can find the number beginning with N over NL on the package.

By the book

If you use a mosquito plug, it is important that you do so according to the directions on the package. This means: use the plug indoors only, not near food and aquariums, pay attention to the number of voltages, do not put the plug in the socket for longer than prescribed and do not use it for longer than recommended overall. It is also best to keep the mosquito plug away from children under the age of two. Children this age are at greater risk if they accidentally ingest these substances, and they can also react more sensitively to this substance.

Do you experience rashes, itching, bumps or irritation of the mucous membranes after using the mosquito stopper? You may be allergic to this and it is best not to use the plug anymore.

How do you solve the mosquito problem differently? This treatment may also help:

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