How ChatGPT changed the world forever

How ChatGPT changed the world forever

There is no doubt that 2023 was the year of ChatGPT. For a computer scientist like van Stegeren, the penetration of generative AI into the general public has many positive implications. Its field has developed rapidly since last year.

The future of artificial intelligence

AI models are now moving towards so-called multimedia, where they can interpret multiple types of data – for example text and images – when delivering output. In this way, van Stegeren points out, models get a better, more realistic picture of reality, making their contributions more relevant.

According to her, all these developments require new digital literacy. This is evident from the way people are now unsuspectingly sharing work and private data with a bot like ChatGPT – without realizing that you are sharing data with a commercial US company like OpenAI.

European legislation

Fortunately, legislation is coming from Brussels that should limit the power of these kinds of fears. Van Stegeren follows developments in this regard with great interest, but he is not yet impressed by the progress made by European policymakers. Simply setting a clear definition of AI causes problems, when this should form the basis for the rest of the regulations.

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