Homeless giant guitar play

Homeless giant guitar play

“It’s art, it’s not a billboard.” Mordesa Therestani Farahani (‘Mo’ to friends) seems to be hurt. For two months he worked on a guitar almost three meters away, which was to become a showpiece at the brand new Cafe America Here fa முகade at CloverShow in Jantam.

He kept thousands of euros and hours, and he was only able to make those times because of Corona.

But the party is canceled. The municipality thinks the guitar does not fit in the street scene.

Moe has changed every tree he can see until Mayor Hemingway, but the rules are the rules. Although those rules seem lengthy:

Look in the corner of that dentist’s face. It is incomprehensible that it applies to the street scene. It has no name, no advertising. It shows that we want to be a home for music lovers. ‘

So it may take:

It seems now that the municipality has not moved an inch, there is a new problem: Moe is searching everywhere for a suitable (inner) place for the beautiful Colossus. But he really had nowhere to put it. Does anyone have a tip?

B.S. We will be releasing a video of the new cafe soon. We have no place for the guitar in that video …

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