Hockey players dominate America but fail to achieve brutal result |  other sports

Hockey players dominate America but fail to achieve brutal result | other sports

videoThe Netherlands had quite a bit of trouble in their first Pro League match with the United States. Hockey players won without much effort, but they could significantly increase the result. The score was only 3-0.

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The previous three encounters with America were easily won by Orange, and Allison Annan was still in charge in January: 0-5 and 0-9 in the United States, the match in Rotterdam finished 7-1. This was not a strong result in the third international match led by national coach Jamilon Mulders and the orange was the main reason for this.

In the first half, the Netherlands received a total of seven penalties. None of them hid behind American goalkeeper Kelsey Bing, although Margot van Geffen appeared to use a rebound penalty, but after the intervention of the video referee, her goal was disallowed due to too early in the match.

Morgenstern international goals

He fell only 1-0 in the second quarter. Frick Moyes hit her back. America barely crossed the midfield and goalkeeper Anne Finendal didn’t get a ball in the first half. But the score 2-0 came in the 25th minute only. Fiona Morgenstern scored her first international goal from a counter-penalty kick, after a beautiful goal from captain Frederic Matla was denied minutes earlier due to dangerous play.

© Pro Shots / Bart Scheulderman

The orange team also dominated the second half, now with Josen Koning on goal, who didn’t have much to do. Despite the dominance, a barrage of goals didn’t come against number 15 in the world rankings. After a nice attack, Morgenstern took the audience seats for the last time at two in the evening: 3-0.

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It wasn’t the will to score, but rather to execute or else guard Kelsey Bing would be on his way. But Orange won and provided three thousand fans with an entertaining evening. Tomorrow the Orange team will play the United States again, at 4.30 pm at Wagner Stadium in Amstelveen.

Professional Shots / Bart Schulermann
© Pro Shots / Bart Scheulderman

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