HMMIK's Michael and Zuleika live in a house full of mold: 'Sick all winter' |  RTL Street

HMMIK's Michael and Zuleika live in a house full of mold: 'Sick all winter' | RTL Street

In the latest episode of “Help, My Husband is a Skilled Worker!” We see how Michael and Zuleikha have been living in Maher's house for two years that needs urgent renovation. The farm where the couple resides is full of mold. In fact, the problem is so great that it becomes dangerous to the health of themselves and their children. John Williams (54) and his team of skilled workers come to the family's aid.

“He begged for this.”

Two years ago, Michael and Zuleikha bought a farm in the village of Emer-Kombaskum in the municipality of Emmen. Unfortunately, the beautiful building appears to be full of damp spots and mold. Michael promises to treat the house right away and also get the bedrooms, since they haven't gotten there yet.

But then he receives the devastating news that his father has died and that the cremation took place without him. Zulekha said: “His relationship with his father was very good and he was not able to say goodbye to him.” Naturally, the blow hit Michael hard. As a result, he could no longer focus on the planned renovation.

Upon entering, John did not notice the problem at first, but when Zuleikha took him into the bedroom he was shocked: “You really smell mould. This is a really strong smell.” The fungi lead to health problems for both Zulekha and the children: asthma, shortness of breath and skin rashes. Zulekha says: “The children and I are sick all winter. There is no heating, and the heaters do not work.”

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Michael decides to accept John and his team's help and the mission begins. Not only was the mold problem solved, but the colorful collection of items was also addressed. John agrees with Michael to remove three-quarters of the belongings from the house. A large portion of items are affected by fungi and this would also significantly reduce the amount of clutter in the home.

Renewal is a good thing for Michael: “This turmoil is finally taking its place.” But what also hurts him a lot is that he has made such a mess of things in recent years. “The fact that I couldn't take care of it myself is not the way it should be done. I can renovate my house, prepare cars for an MOT, fix dirt bikes… I can do it all.” Then John discovers something strange: a large shed full of items. He sees a solution to Michael's heating problem: If Michael and Zuleikha sell things, they can use the money to pay for heating. John even managed to find a buyer who could see the value of the items.

Michael and Zuleikha are on a pink cloud when they see the final result of their renovated home. In particular, their son's new bedroom has him sparkling from ear to ear. “He begged for this,” Zuleikha smiles.

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