History Award for Film on Dwingelo Village Fire: “History Comes to Life”

History Award for Film on Dwingelo Village Fire: “History Comes to Life”

The film about a major village fire in Dwingelo, a century ago, is a DHV award winner. The Drenthe History Prize was presented on the Drenthe Twin program on Radio Drenthe. Jury President and King's Commissioner Jetta Klinsma announced the award.

Albertus Nieuwenhuis, with the help of the Dwingels Eigen Foundation, reconstructed the great fire of 1923. A large sea of ​​fire destroyed the Nicola Church, a synagogue and a number of farms in Dwingeloo.

Of course there was no film footage. That's why Nieuwenhuis used his computer to produce the virtual film “The Great Village Fire of 1923,” which began with 3D graphics and was supplemented with modifications to land registry data, drawings, and photographs.

The DHV Prize jury describes the film as “an accurate reconstruction of all available sources of the village at the time.” Thanks to modern technology, this history has come back to life.

The public can vote for the Audience Award online, and this has been done on a large scale. Op Dalerveen emerged as the big winner.

It is full of history about everything that happened in the south-eastern village of Drenthe. Four members of the Boek Dalerveen working group worked on it for seven years. Dozens of visits were made to fellow villagers to collect stories. The archive was also searched by Anna Werz, John Etikoven, Beaudoin Benting, and Henk Benting.

That it was worth it is demonstrated by the audience appreciation that awarded Op Dalerveen the DHV Audience Award.

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