Hillings advises the president to once again use more than 400 bodyguards for police work

Hillings advises the president to once again use more than 400 bodyguards for police work

Former police union president Raoul Hellings said it was not right to deploy the Suriname Army for security around Atjoni Quay, where armed criminals robbed and shot shopkeepers a few days ago.

According to the former police officer, President Chan Santokhi must ensure the return of more than 400 police officers, who were withdrawn from the Suriname Police Corps to protect dignitaries, so that they can be deployed again to ensure security in the country.

“You should have deployed 400 police officers in the force, because that is what they were trained to do. They were not trained to carry the bag and fu go bai gruntu nanga sma na wojo. So the men are protecting themselves,” the former police officer said on the Pakana Toure programme. But they cannot protect society.”

According to Hellings, training someone to become a police officer is a huge investment. Therefore, it is not correct to convert these officers into bag carriers.

The Surinamese President's Cabinet reported today that troops from the Regional Assistance Team and army units are being deployed to reinforce police in the region. Helling states that this is part of the traditional crime.

“These are the men who may have fired intimidating shots. No, the man is here and he is the one who slaughtered. If you have to use the military to fight traditional crime, then you have failed in advance. “Because the army is primarily responsible for territorial safety,” the former police union head said.

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