Here’s what you should know about PSV’s new technical boss, Ernest Stewart

Ernest Stewart will be the new Director of Football Affairs at PSV. He has already had an impressive career as a player and director. Although things are not going well at PSV at the moment, it is certainly not his biggest job. Five things you need to know about American ‘Ernie’ Stewart, who was born and raised in Wagel Hospital.

Car salesman
Earnest Lee ‘Earnie’ Stewart was born on March 28, 1969 at Sint Joseph Hospital in Veghel, but the family lives in Uden. When he was two years old, the family moved to America for five years. Father Ernest Stewart was a veteran US Air Force officer. Mother Annemion comes from Gemert, and the family eventually returns to Utan.

Young ‘Ernie’ wants to become a car salesman, but at Uden amateur club UDI ’19 he turns out to be a good football player. This saw him depart for VVV Venlo in 1987 and make his professional football debut a year later. It was the start of a long career in the world of football.

After three seasons in Limburg, Ernst Stewart moves to Willem II. He stayed there for six seasons and then played seven seasons for arch-rivals NAC Breda. After playing football for two years at DC United, he ended his active career at VVV Venlo, but after a serious injury he became a director there.

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Introduction to the World Cup
Ernest Stewart made his debut for the US national team in late 1990 at the age of 21. Three years later, the attacker made his debut in the World Cup, especially in the United States. During the opening game, Stewart is visibly shaken as 70,000 spectators sing the US National Anthem.

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The U.S. is coming off a draw against Switzerland, but the Brabant American is enjoying a career highlight against Colombia. He goes 1-2, which ultimately ensures America’s eighth final. It was later eliminated by the world champions, Brazil.

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Hero status in America
In the Netherlands, Ernest Stewart is a respected soccer player, but in America he takes on hero status. He was the first American football player to make the front page of the prestigious Sports Illustrated magazine. After making his World Cup debut in 1994, he also played in the 1998 and 2002 World Cups.In 101 games, he scored 17 goals for the US national team.

Although he played in the Netherlands in 2001, he was still named the American Football Player of the Year. In the twilight of his active football career, he played for DC United in 2003 and 2004 in the United States. In the latter year he became the national champion.

Photo: PSV
Photo: PSV

Turbulent times in AZ
Stewart first became director of technology at VVV and moved to NAC in 2006. What’s special is that Brabandar was bought by AZ. It starts in 2010 when DSB Bank collapses and has to make big cuts. In five years he could record one cup victory, two quarter-finals of the Europa League and four times European football. Still, the Alkmaar club’s supporters are watching Not very positive Back to the Stewart era.

As for the coaches, things go less smoothly in AZ. Gerdjon Verbeek, Marco van Basten and Alex Pasteur should leave the field under his leadership. In 2015, Stewart moved to the United States as the Technical Director at the Philadelphia Union. In 2018 he started working as a general manager for the US Confederation, and a year later he became the director of soccer affairs.

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Ernest Stewart with the US national team at the World Cup in Qatar (Ashley Landis/AP).
Ernest Stewart with the US national team at the World Cup in Qatar (Ashley Landis/AP).

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