Harry Potter actress Jesse Cave: 'Invisible when I gained a few kilos' |  stars

Harry Potter actress Jesse Cave: ‘Invisible when I gained a few kilos’ | stars

“I gained a few pounds after Harry Potter just because I’m no longer starving. As a girl growing up, it just happens,” she says. When she came back to the movie Deathly Hallows Parts 1 and 2, I was in awe. “I was treated as different types. It was probably my most insecure feeling, at a time when actresses wore a size 36 at the most. I was now a size 40. It was a very uncomfortable experience. I felt invisible.”

Jesse tells how she still has issues with her weight and her job. According to her, they actually started when she was a fan friends Take the example of Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow. She later found out that her agent had asked Aniston to lose 14 pounds to get the part and that Lisa had “made herself sick by dieting.” “They were very young, very skinny. For years I thought they were lucky. But now it is clear that they were starving too.”

Therefore, Cave is happy that she has changed her profession. “If I had stayed abnormally thin, I would probably have gotten more acting jobs, but then I would have never started writing.

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