Google’s foldable Pixel phone will get Pixel 5 cameras and appear in 2022 – Tablets and Phones – News

The upcoming Google Pixel foldable smartphone will not get the camera sensors of the latest Google Pixel 6 series. Instead, the phone may get the Pixel 5 series sensors. Presumably, Google opted for this due to the thickness of the Pixel 6 series.

For the primary camera, Google’s foldable Pixel phone gets a 12.2MP Sony IMX363 sensor. Which 9to5Google writes Based on files in the latest version of the Google Camera app. The wide-angle camera gets a Sony IMX386 sensor. According to the news site, this is a 12-megapixel sensor. It is not clear if this is a bug. This sensor came in the Pixel 5 as a 16-megapixel sensor.

The foldable smartphone and the regular Pixel 6 will share an IMX355-8-megapixel sensor, according to the Google Camera app. This sensor was also used in previous Pixel smartphones as a selfie camera, and the foldable phone will also use it for this purpose. The sensor is mentioned twice in the files; There is supposed to be a sensor on the front when the smartphone is folded and there is one on the inside when the phone is unlocked.

Google will choose “older” sensors, as they want to make the foldable phone as thin as possible. The Samsung GN1-50 megapixel sensor used in Pixel 6 smartphones takes up a lot of space; That’s why these phones have a camera island that runs horizontally from edge to edge on the back. Foldable smartphones often do not have the best camera hardware; Moreover Galaxy Z Fold3 It has less camera hardware than this year’s Galaxy S21 phones.

The news site also says it has found an indication of the year the foldable Pixel should appear inside the camera app code. in files isPixel2022Foldable On the screen, which may indicate an introduction in 2022. Previously, the Pixel 4 and 3a series would be the names isPixel2019 employment isPixel2019MidRange I got. Those phones also appeared that year. No other release date has been specified. The smartphone may appear with a version Android 12L early next yearThis operating system was developed specifically for foldable devices.

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In camera files, the smartphone is codenamed Pipit. This seems to be an alternative to the name Passport that has been used before. It is not clear what has changed other than the name. In addition to Passport, Google has also worked on a foldable phone called Jumbojack. This is a clamshell smartphone like the Galaxy Z Flip series; The Pipit will likely fold just like the Galaxy Z Fold series.

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