Google Keep now lets you set these beautiful note backgrounds

Google Keep now lets you set these beautiful note backgrounds

Google Keep finally got another update, and this time we’ll see some fun wallpapers to brighten up your notes (and you too).

Cute wallpapers in Google Keep

You can already set the colors for each note in Google Keep, but Google is now expanding the creative options with a new option: background images. You can find the wallpapers in the same place as the colors:

  1. Open Google Keep
  2. Press the plus sign to create a new note or open an existing note
  3. Click on Paint in the menu in the lower left
  4. Choose one of 9 colorful backgrounds (Broccoli!)

All the wallpapers look very beautiful and new and cover the entire note as well as the status bar and navigation bar at the bottom of your phone screen. This all looks very good. You’ll also see a background preview in the overview of all your notes in Google Keep. The wallpapers are now available on Android and iOS, but not with Google Keep on the web yet.

While downloading the app or update, you can quickly Check out the best Google Keep tips.

Google to save information

Google to save information

Google Keep is the place to store all your ideas. This can be in the form of a handwritten note, a written note, or a letter..

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