Google fixed the Pixel 6 Pro ‘Light Remaining’ screen issue in December – Tablets & Phones – News

Google acknowledges that there is a problem with the “remaining light” screen on the Google Pixel 6 Pro. With this issue, the screen displays artifacts and flickers if the power button is pressed while the device is off. The problem will be resolved by the program in December.

Google admits the error On their website to support Pixel, I noticed 9to5Google employment. The company is talking aboutresidual lightOn the Pixel 6 Pro screen when the device is turned off. “Pixel 6 Pro users may notice slight transient defects when the device is turned off and when they briefly press the power button, but not long enough to turn on the device,” the company wrote.

Pixel 6 Pro owners last week noticed screen flickering and artifacts on reddit, which, among other things, posted videos of the problem. It is not known how many devices have the error. The problem does not occur when the unit is turned on.

Google confirms that screen flickering does not indicate a hardware issue on the Pixel 6 Pro and that a software update that fixes the bug will be released in December. Pixel 6 series has become Announced 2 weeks ago And he came out last week, but not in the Netherlands. They are the first smartphones designed by Google.

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