Google brings Fuchsia OS for Nest Hub Max – Picture and Sound – News

Google has started releasing Fuchsia for the Nest Hub Max. A small group of users who participate in the preview program can be the first to receive the program. In terms of functionality, it is no different from the Android Things app.

According to Google, the eventual rollout of Fuchsia OS to all Nest Hub Max owners should transition more smoothly than that to last year’s Nest Hub. The Smart Display of 2018 was the Nest device ported to Fuchsia OS. The first devices got the software Then in May And in August, Google launched the program for all users availability.

The Nest Hub Max has a larger screen than the Nest Hub display and camera. According to 9to5google, the presence of the camera increases pressure on Google to update to run smoothly, Because of the role the device can play in home security.

In any case, users should not notice the switch to Fuchsia OS because it is the primary operating system and no new features are added. Google released the Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max with Android Things, a special stripped-down version of Android for IoT devices.

Fuchsia is not developed around the Linux kernel, but the Zircon kernel is developed by Google itself. Google wants the program as general purposeAn operating system with a focus on security, rollout, and performance for multiple devices

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