Goedele Liekens again: 'You're not a nice partner if you have cancer' Gossip

Goedele Liekens again: ‘You’re not a nice partner if you have cancer’ Gossip

“I was in a relationship when I was sick,” Likens says. Newspaper. “But you’re not a nice partner if you have cancer. You don’t look, you have to vomit, you lie exhausted on the couch. It’s psychologically difficult.” Skin cancer forced Likens to undergo surgery and chemotherapy, among other things. This affected her relationship.

“It certainly didn’t help,” she says. “She wasn’t the cheerful, lively woman she used to be. When I was sick, I couldn’t do anything. I was really annoying at times, crying, barely moving, and my mood would regularly drop below zero. If I could escape for a while, Far from misery: I understand that. Everyone has the right to choose his own happiness.”

Three singles at home

She kept silent that Likens had a new relationship. She was previously married to television producer Chris Cockmartin, with whom she has two daughters. They separated in 2006. In 2019, after 6.5 years, Likens ended her relationship with manager Luke.

The fact that she is single again does not stand in the way of her happiness. “We’re now home with three single women,” Likens said. “And that’s great fun, barbecue together and other things.”


Her health is also improving. Likens has been declared cancer-free, although she noted earlier that you can never be sure of a full recovery. treatment discontinued. “This cancer treatment affects your memory and cognitive function,” says Likens. “I don’t always come up with the right words and my focus falters.

According to the oncologist, this takes up to a year after stopping treatment. They call it the “chemo brain.” I also still tire quickly, so I drive a bit with the handbrake on. My enthusiasm is the biggest predicament.”

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