Glennis Grace Almost Finished Community Service: ‘Slowly Getting Back On Track’

Glennis Grace Almost Finished Community Service: ‘Slowly Getting Back On Track’

“It got out of control and of course it shouldn’t have happened. But What can I sayGlennis looks back on the incident at Jumbo, and the singer eventually received a 200-hour community service order for this. “I’m almost done. I’ve been doing this three times a week.”

Then where did Glennis do community service? “In a cemetery somewhere. Three times a week, six hours a day. And I ended up in a very nice team with all the Amsterdammers.” Initially, Glennis had to serve her sentence in a nursing home. It came up in the media and everyone had something to say about it.

After the whole incident, Glennis gave a tour of the club which must continue as far as she is concerned. “I was like: I’m also primarily a singer. I didn’t want to leave my bands. They also depended on me. I just wanted to do what I like to do best and what I’m good at. I was just singing. I was like: Come here. Now, now, I need the stage. It was important for me to let that continue in that moment.”

At the moment, her work as a singer is “very quiet”. “I think when my community service is over, I can close it. I hope also for myself, but also for the people who will book me again.”

Plus, Glennis has lost quite a few friendships because of everything that’s happened. “I guess I thought that was the worst of all. I’m not the type to let a lot of people in. So if I let you in, TRUE”, as you say. “Then I’m going to go through the fire for you. There have been a few who have really canceled me out in my own life. I still find that very painful, but I also gave it a place. Again, I don’t deserve a beauty prize. But that was one of the things that helped me the most.”

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