Gillis has denied the 'special incident' but still faces trial |  Currently

Gillis has denied the ‘special incident’ but still faces trial | Currently

Peter Gillies will appear in court on Friday suspicion of abuse. Although he initially denied, he and his girlfriend Nicole Kramer have now admitted that “a private incident led to the police being involved”. What about that?

Brought on July 22 RTL Boulevard And the View news It was announced that Gillis was arrested in May for assault. Unknown sources reported RTL Boulevard that mass cashThe star spent a night in prison for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend Nicole Cramers.

A spokesperson for the Public Prosecution Service confirmed to that a 60-year-old man on May 29 That’s why Umel was caught, but he didn’t want to say if it was about the reality star. The victim is a woman of unknown age.

Gillis and his girlfriend mentioned the news Instagram Nonsense. “Lots of media attention again today for the stories that are going on around us,” the reality stars wrote. “There is absolutely nothing wrong with that.” Ton van den Bissenbos, Gillies’ attorney, did not want to comment on the rumors at all for

On August 2, Gillis and Kramer admitted that something had happened in May and that Gillies had been arrested for this. Their lawyer said at the time that the couple “feel sorry that a private incident led to the police being involved.”

It was previously reported that the scheduled August 12 session will not be held. The Public Prosecution Office announced last week View news Know that a hearing is scheduled at Den Bosch Court on that day. Gillis will then learn what he suspects. In addition, another session is scheduled, where Gillies Kramers’ girlfriend will be heard. This is done at the request of Gillis and his attorney.

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Talba resents having Gilis to lie against the company. A spokesperson said: “Peter and Nicole have also withheld their private status from Talpa. This is unacceptable. We have also blamed them for it. They have apologized for it.” View news.

The start of a new series of mass cash On SBS6 running Tuesday 6 September Scheme. Talpa and producer Concept Street don’t want to answer’s question whether broadcasts will actually continue.

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