Gil Belin focuses on Generation Z with Radio4All: “I sincerely believe in it”

Gil Belin focuses on Generation Z with Radio4All: “I sincerely believe in it”

Radio4All should become the “Lowlands of Radio”. “It can’t be captured by a specific smell, taste or colour, because it actually ranges from ballet to rock and comedy,” says radio director Gil Belin. Podcast “That was the radio.”

Radio4All acquired a national FM frequency last summer. The channel focuses on Generation Z, the group of people born between 1997 and 2012. “I honestly believe in it. Of course it’s a tough competition, but it’s also because they haven’t had the service for years,” says Gill.

There are no standard programs

Not a tightly programmed station like Qmusic or Radio 538: Giel wants to put all kinds of programs on Radio4All. Thus began the exciting show. But does broadcasting target group programs on the radio work? Jill: “The moment your favorite influencer does a radio show that you can call in too, you will be sure to listen to the radio. There is no such interaction with podcasts.

Radio4All, which will be given a different name, is scheduled to officially go live next spring. Jill will use the coming months mainly to test software. “I don’t want ordinary radio makers, but I want people who have never made radio before,” he says on the podcast. A new radio studio is also being built in Amsterdam, opposite the building where BNR Nieuwsradio is located.

Revenue model

The owner of Radio4All paid seven million euros for the FM group. How will that money be recovered? “The sites will simply be sold,” says Gill. “If we do it right, things will be better than ever, because we serve specific niches. There are already advertisers who have signed up to the exciting program.

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Gill is troubled by criticism that such a radio station could never become profitable. “On the Radio Forum It’s all about ‘this will go bankrupt, this will never be profitable’. Then I think: Oh my God, aren’t we all here because we love radio? The Talpas, DPGs and media houses of this world are just walking around. They are screaming that they paid too much for their FM frequency.

Photo: NPO Radio 2 | Linda Stolic

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