Germany abandons nearly 3 million Moderna vaccines

Germany is losing 2.65 million doses of the Moderna vaccine, the German health ministry said. Vaccines are distributed among other member states of the European Union.

These are shipments that will arrive in Germany in the first two weeks of August. According to various German media, the fact that Germany is giving up nearly 3 million vaccines has something to do with the faltering vaccination campaign. A spokesman for the Ministry of Health told Der Spiegel magazine: “We have already offered through the European Commission to abandon our Moderne shipments in both weeks if other countries still need additional vaccines.”

Earlier it was also announced that Germany would abandon Johnson & Johnson vaccines. Vaccines from AstraZeneca have been delivered to Covax International Aid Initiative.

The Moderna vaccine is said to be particularly effective against the Delta type of coronavirus, according to a US study. Vaccine efficacy would also be about 76 percent against the variant. The BioNTech/Pfizer vaccine was 42 percent effective in the study. Both vaccines were equally effective in preventing severe disease and hospitalization. Read more in Tajischau in a woman

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