German unrest over legalization of Biontech – Germany Institute

Spahn made it clear Monday that there is enough vaccine for everyone, but some booster shots will have to be given with Moderna. Surrounded by two experts, Spahn was shown that the mRNA vaccines Moderna and Biontech/Pfizer were working well.

Doctors’ organizations and other concerned parties responded to concerns this weekend to the report that the Biontech/Pfizer vaccine is being served in rations. They fear that they will first have to convince patients that Moderna is a good alternative. In Germany, the advice is not to give Moderna to those under 30. There is no maximum order quantity for Moderna.

German media reported this weekend that Moderna’s vaccines are about to expire, and therefore should be the first to be distributed. Spahn replied that he considered it justified to take this into account. Spahn said that if a lot of the world’s vaccines are running out, Germany shouldn’t let them screw up.

In response to a reporter’s question, Spahn said that Germany will donate 68 million vaccines this year to the Covax Initiative, which should ensure that poor countries receive vaccines as well. Read more at RND

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