German police make a strange catch: tons of fried fish and bats in the cargo space of a truck | outside

At a traffic control post near Aachen on the German and Belgian borders, police officers stopped a truck carrying a load that smelled, literally and figuratively.

After the driver opened the unrefrigerated cargo space doors Monday morning, the German agents saw several cardboard boxes containing nearly a ton of fish and, according to the carrier, fried bats underneath. A police press release stated that the 31-year-old, who had no identity papers and driver’s license with him, had left Belgium with the cargo.

Inspectors immediately notified the city’s District Office of Consumer Protection, Animal Welfare and Veterinary Services. That sent a vet to the relevant car park in the Brand district southeast of Aachen. The official ordered the unrefrigerated food to be reserved.

Agents first look. © Bundespolizei

The federal police confiscated the truck because it was not inspected and insured. It turned out that the driver had Ivorian nationality and that he was from Italy. He was arrested for traffic violations and illegal entry. Thirty is also awaiting administrative action for violation of food hygiene legislation. In addition, it will check whether he violated the Species Protection Act with fried bats.

The suspect appeared before the Public Prosecutor on Tuesday. He was ordered held in pre-trial detention pending extradition to Italy.

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