GeenStijl: Live!  Unbound

GeenStijl: Live! Unbound

Suddenly very important in the world of cycling: GRAVEL. Everyone at Valueway buys a gravel bike so they can whiz around the Crown Estate, and once a year everyone heads to America for a classic off-road race: Unbound. 320 kilometers of the world’s most important gravel bike race with a field of participants from here to America. The Dutch have plenty of favourites: all-round nice guy & former Tour de France top teenager Laurens den Dam, who started the whole gravel hype, but Roubaix and Flanders winner Nicky Terpstra, golden boy Thomas Dekker, top favorite & sack king Jasper Ogelon, cyclo- Cross rider Joris Nieuwenhuis and Morrrrr. Other top performers include: World Champion Matej Mohoric, Greg Van Avermaet, Jan Backelands and many other professional riders and ex-professional riders. 5000 in the beginning. Of course, it’s difficult or impossible to follow on television, so if you want to know who’s winning at Unbound 2024: Leaderboard Temple Or press F5 regularly on NO STYLE and it will automatically prompt!
Update Mile 40 – Three people left. In just 5 minutes, a large group of favorites including all the ‘normal’ Dutch names like Dekker, Ogelon, Den Dam, Terpstra
Update Mile 50 – The lead of the three leaders is narrowing slightly. John Backlands On the counter attack
Update Mile 62 – Also good: Thijs Zonneveld
Update Mile 70 – Now four men in front, six men behind, and then a large group of favorites at almost 6 minutes. Fortunately only 130 miles to go
Update 100 miles – The situation now: Before Kongstad (Den), Zavyalov (USA), Orset (Noo). After 2 minutes, a large group of favorites with many Dutch. Nicky Terpstra is a minute behind in that group
Update 113 miles – Bandage! Cyclocross riders Joris Nieuwenhuis & Piotr Havik are on the right. The rest of the Dutch do not
Update 123 miles – Jonveldt, Haga & Morton are leading. The rest follow in a minute. What a rollercoaster
Update 149 miles – ZONNEFIELD spills and falls off his head. Two men in the lead. Followers include Van Avermaet (B), Nieuwenhuis, Louhuis, Havik
Update 176 miles – It will be between Morton & Haga
Update Result – Morton wins. Havik is the best Dutch player 4

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