“French police carry out aggressive pushback operations against migrants on the Canal.”

“French police carry out aggressive pushback operations against migrants on the Canal.”

French police are said to be using aggressive tactics to prevent migrants crossing the Channel into the UK in boats. That writing the worldAl-Manara reports, observer in woman Sunday based on a months-long investigation. They rely, among other things, on video images, leaked documents, and statements from eyewitnesses, border guards, and officials.

In their investigations, the media came across several French police response tactics: for example, quickly circumnavigating migrant boats with patrol vessels, until the water reaches the boats. French police are also using patrol vessels to ram migrant boats and puncture rubber dinghies at sea. The French authorities deny to the media that they punctured boats at sea with migrants on board. They confirm that the police intervened once by filling a boat with water using waves so that the migrants would not succeed in reaching the open sea.

According to the world To make this possible under pressure from the United Kingdom. France refused for a long time to take any action at sea, because that would be against the law of the sea. Two years ago, the two countries signed an agreement to limit the number of migrants crossing from France to England. In exchange for 72 million euros, France promised, among other things, to strengthen police patrols on the beaches. Last year, a multi-million dollar deal was added, but in return the UK wants to see results.

Returns violate international maritime law, but are more common in Europe, including the Mediterranean. Evidence of pushback operations carried out by the Greek Coast Guard has repeatedly emerged.

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