“French fries are made from potatoes”: How healthy are French fries?

“French fries are made from potatoes”: How healthy are French fries?

You've probably heard someone say, “French fries are made from potatoes, so they're still perfectly healthy.” But what is it exactly? How healthy are French fries?

Anyone who chooses French fries does not have the healthiest food choice. On the other hand, potatoes are known as a healthy food and are included in the well-known five wheel.

Potatoes and French fries

Potatoes contain vitamins B, C, potassium, and phosphorus. And believe it or not, there are some more good things in French fries than in boiled potatoes scientific research. “For example, one ounce of potassium and vitamin C contains more potassium than the non-fried version of kale,” the magazine concludes. how is that possible? “When frying, potatoes partially evaporate, which reduces their weight. The nutrients stay behind. So you get more of it per gram of potato in the form of French fries. You could almost say that frying is healthy.

But this is not the case. The water in potatoes is replaced with frying fat when frying. Therefore the number of calories also increases. French fries contain four times the calories per 100 grams of boiled potatoes. In addition, boiled potatoes make you feel full faster than fried potatoes.

Minerals and vitamins

Often we also combine potatoes with vegetables. With French fries we like to stick to the snack taste. But French fries are not only made up of bad and unhealthy ingredients.

So you can also get minerals and vitamins from potatoes with a serving of French fries. But in terms of calories, you're worse off with French fries. What if you had a consistent “french fry day” during the week? So some vegetables “on the side” is not an unnecessary luxury. Of course, it is also important how generously sauce, salt and perhaps soft drinks are used with such a meal.

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