Frans Bauer has had a swimming pool for two years, but he rarely swims in it

Frans Bauer has had a swimming pool for two years, but he rarely swims in it

Frans Bauer may be swimming in money, but he rarely gets into his own pool. The famous folk singer tells Weekend magazine that he has had a large swimming pool in his garden for a couple of years, but has rarely used it himself. France fears the refreshing decline could jeopardize his performance.

According to France, there are several reasons for closing the swimming pool. When grandchildren walk in the park, there is a risk that they will fall into the swimming pool. According to Weekend, Grandpa Bauer doesn’t want to put up with that on his conscience.

Swimmer’s ear
Frans also sees a great danger to himself. By swimming in a pool, the popular singer may be at risk of developing an ear infection. “I’m afraid of that,” he admitted in the latest issue of Weekend.

The so-called swimmer’s ear, an infection that affects the skin at the entrance to the ear, is the most important reason that prompted France to leave swimming to others. Without good hearing, a folk singer cannot perform well on stage.

By the way, the Bauer family does not depend only on France’s musical career. Their new reality series “De Bauers, 20 years after” was regularly watched by one and a half million television viewers. The reality series also crosses borders. Belgian TV channel VTM will broadcast the program from June 11.

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