Frank B, ‘star tax specialist’ arrested in Italy

Frank B, ‘star tax specialist’ arrested in Italy

Bad news for Frank B. Nicknamed “The Tax Specialist to the Stars”. Tax consultant Linda De Mol and Afrojack, among others, were arrested in Italy.

He was arrested in Italy to be extradited to the United States

Frank B’s vacation was completely ruined. Or yes, vacation, house arrest for three months. The “tax specialist to the stars” in Italy was sweltering when Italian FIOD knocked on the door. There must have been something in the trend of saying “Vieni con me,” which means “Come with me.” What’s the fuss about? The United States has requested the extradition of the Dutch tax consultant.

Suspicion of cooperation in tax evasion

Created by Frank B. Tax structures for celebrities like Linda De Mol and Afrojack. according to Het Financial DagbladBased on the US extradition request, the New York Attorney General suspects the “star tax specialist” of obstructing the collection of taxes on $100 million in income.

The lawyer opens the book

says Annabelle Visser, a lawyer for the Dutch tax consultant Algemeen Dagblad About the arrest. “I understood from his Italian lawyer that the arrest was linked to the alleged flight risk, but this is of course complete nonsense, because he has been under house arrest for almost three months, which is very strict.”

We disagree with the accusations

Vissers also mentions that Frank B. He says a resounding “no” to being guilty of these financial malpractices. According to her, Frank B. He does not fully agree with these allegations and has always adhered to the law when advising artists to settle on paper in other countries. “Precisely because his advice was motivated by loopholes in the law that left artists facing double taxes,” she explains.

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No immediate delivery

The “Tax Specialist to the Stars” will not be immediately extradited to the United States. After the new arrest by the Italian police, a new procedure has begun that may take some time.

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