Four days later, a monk rescued from a flooded cave in Thailand

Four days later, a monk rescued from a flooded cave in Thailand

Divers rescue a Buddhist monk from a flooded cave in Thailand four days later. The 46-year-old monk entered the cave in the northern province of Phitsanulok to meditate. Overpowered by heavy rains.

The rain caused the cave to rise, blocking the entrance. The head of the disaster service says that the monk took himself to a safe place on high ground in the cave. Many Thai caves have altars in places considered sacred.

The monk makes a pilgrimage from another province to this cave every April. When he did not return after the rains, the villagers became anxious and called the emergency services.

Hundreds of rescue workers gathered in the cave, among them divers, doctors and specialists. Seven divers entered. Then the monk was escorted outside. They had to go about twelve meters underwater.

Football Players in 2018

The man’s successful arrest and rescue is reminiscent of the rescue of a group of a dozen soccer players and their 25-year-old coach.

In 2018, they were held for more than two weeks in Tham Luang Caves, also in northern Thailand. A team of international cave divers and Thai soldiers eventually managed to do just that Save the boys and their coach.

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