Former colleagues of the Dead Van Mirwijk met in Speakers in Cobain: "Humor I immediately recognized" |  Turns out

Former colleagues of the Dead Van Mirwijk met in Speakers in Cobain: “Humor I immediately recognized” | Turns out

Jack Spijkerman and Erik van Muiswinkel once returned to NPO Radio 2 this afternoon Screws with heads. Along with Presenter Dolf Jansen, they paid tribute to their friend and colleague Jeroen van Merwijk, who died earlier this week from the effects of cancer.

In the 1990s, Van Merwijk was part of the nightclub cast of the flashy radio show for a long time. Spijkerman and Van Muiswinkel together did one of Van Merwijk’s favorite drawings, about Very Open Asfalt Beton. Comedian Marcel Heartfield sang a tribute to the comedian who wrote it this summer, when Van Murwijk was the main guest on a summer special of the show.

In a conversation, Spykermann and Van Meiswinkel reminded Van Murvik. “He had the typical sense of humor that I got to know right away,” said Spykerman. “He could come up with a sketch to interview a salmon staircase, or speak to a lamppost who was arguing with the neighborhood.”


The cabaret team always met on Saturday morning to review the week’s collection of jokes and skits. “Jeroen’s ideas were always approved immediately,” Spykerman said, laughing. “He never wanted to change them.” “It is also his strength that he believed so much in his work. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have stayed that long, because he had not actually attracted full homes.

Van Mirwijk passed away on Wednesday; It was announced earlier this year that he had colon cancer. The news sparked massive renewed interest in his work and several major media interviews. Dozens of colleagues also made a CD with his brother, in which they translated his works.

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Comedian Diederik van Vleuten brought a talk show Run 1 An ode to Van Mirvik. Van Floten sang Van Murwijk Fragile people. His colleague Peter Hershope also contributed His column for Radio 538 A passionate greeting to the late comedian.

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