Former Brazilian President Lula wants to run in the 2022 election

Former Brazilian President Lula wants to run in the 2022 election

He wants to capture his arch-enemy, right-wing President Jair Bolsanaro. The left-wing Lula is still considered very popular because during his presidency the living conditions of millions of poor Brazilians improved.

“I will run in the election if I am healthy,” the 75-year-old Portuguese television channel RTP said in an interview on Friday. He will be a year younger than US President Joe Biden when he won the election last November. “One thing is for sure, Jair Bolzano will not be president,” Lula said.

Lula ruled Latin America from 2003 to 2011, the largest and most populous country in the world. Before the 2018 election, the Labor leader was again ahead of the election. However, he was later sentenced to more than 12 years in prison for corruption and money laundering and was not allowed to run in the election.

19 months later, Lula was temporarily released in November 2019. The Supreme Court ruled that the suspects could remain in large numbers until all legal settlements were settled.

Following that, last month, a Supreme Court judge overturned the sentences against Lula because they were handed down by a judge named Sergio Moro, who was biased when he convicted Lula in 2017 of corruption. However, the Attorney General’s Office has appealed the Supreme Court’s decision.

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