Forest fires still ravage southeastern Europe: the danger is far from over

Forest fires still ravage southeastern Europe: the danger is far from over

The Greek army is increasing its resources to help the fire service and local authorities fight dozens of forest fires raging in the country. In addition to 500 military personnel, 39 different aircraft, helicopters, drones and bulldozers have been deployed to support the fire brigade from the air and on the ground.

The largest fires are currently located in the north of the island of Evia and in the south and west of the Peloponnese peninsula.

A state of emergency has been declared in the northern part of Evia. “People from several villages had to leave their homes there last night and today,” says reporter Connie Kesen. The fire may have destroyed more than 100 homes. About 80 firefighters from France have now arrived on the island to help with the firefighting work.

Olympia Ruins

“In the Peloponnese, large wildfires have not reached the historic ruins of ancient Olympia, but the danger is not yet over,” said Kesen. According to the Greek authorities, fire-resistant areas have been established around the archaeological site and the village. Since this year, there is also a special extinguishing system in which the site is kept moist with water sprinklers. Many villages near Olympia were evacuated.

In the area around Faripoppi, on the north side of the capital, Athens, a fire that was under control broke out again. Residents of the area were warned by phone to leave the area.

The images below show how Greeks had to flee the fires earlier this week:

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