football |  Cristiano Ronaldo is the highest paid athlete in 2023, Roger Federer is still in the top ten

football | Cristiano Ronaldo is the highest paid athlete in 2023, Roger Federer is still in the top ten

The American business magazine Forbes recorded that Ronaldo will earn a total of $ 136 million in 2023. Only three athletes have earned more than this amount: Roger Federer, Tiger Woods and Conor McGregor. Ronaldo’s salary nearly doubled after he left the Premier League for a huge victory deal.

It didn’t get along between Ronaldo and Erik ten Hag. The successful coach hardly picked CR7 in choosing Manchester United. The five-time Ballon d’Or winner expressed his frustration in an interview with Piers Morgan, which prompted the English club to terminate his contract. Victory was concerned for a long time and Ronaldo eventually chose the petrodollars.

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Roger Federer ended his brilliant career last year. The Swiss, without being active athletes, are still in the top ten in the special ranking. This is because his contracts and partnerships continue to operate. His collaboration with the “On” brand is particularly interesting to watch.

It was Federer who introduced the Own shoe to the tennis court in 2021. The legend invested 50 million euros in the brand and thus entered into a partnership with it. The Swiss even got behind the drawing board and designed a number of shoes, which of course sold out almost immediately.

On’s ambitions have now expanded further by signing a deal with tennis players Ija Swiatek and Ben Shilton. The two young tennis players have been nurtured from head to toe by the rapidly growing brand since the end of March.

top ten

Here is an overview of the highest paid athletes for 2023:

1. Cristiano Ronaldo: $136 million (46+90) | With sports + outside sports.
2- Lionel Messi: $130 million (65+65)
3- Kylian Mbappe: $120 million (100 + 20)
4. LeBron James: $119.5 million (44.5 + 75)
5. Canelo Alvarez: $110 million (100 + 10)
6. Dustin Johnson: $107 million (102+5)
7. Phil Mickelson: $106 million (104 + 2)
8. Stephen Curry: $100.4 million (48.4 + 52)
9. Roger Federer: $95.1 million (0.1 + 95)
10. Kevin Durant: $89.1 million (44.1 + 45)

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