Floods after heavy rain in East Germany and Bavaria |  abroad

Floods after heavy rain in East Germany and Bavaria | abroad

In Saxony, there are floods in Saxon Switzerland, a popular tourist mountain area near Dresden. Local authorities announced on Saturday evening that many places are no longer accessible: Neustadt, Sibnitz, Bad Schandau, Reinhardsdorf Schwena and Gorech were badly affected. Residents are advised to avoid basements, underground garages, and the metro. The railway line between Bad Schandau and Czech Dečin was closed. “The situation is tense, but it is manageable,” the state Interior Ministry’s crisis center said.

Alert level 4 has been exceeded on the Polenz River near Neustadt, says the state’s flood control center. The Kernitz, Spenitz, and Lachsbach rivers are experiencing a “sharp rise”. “Severe flooding is expected,” a government agency said on Saturday evening. Since Saturday afternoon, aid workers have had to go out more than 250 times.

Landslides and flooded streets

Oberbayern was also hit hard. Evicted homes, landslides, flooded streets and submerged basements have occurred since Saturday night. The fire brigade is busy. The situation is “tragic,” say the emergency services in the area around Tronstein.

The cities of Berchtesgaden and Bischofswiesen, located in the far south near the border with Austria, were badly damaged. Water flows from the mountains and the apogee water level rises sharply. Some homes have been evacuated. Residents are advised to leave the cellars and not go out into the streets. Several smaller highways were inundated or closed due to landslides.

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