Find a fossil of a huge river dolphin species

Find a fossil of a huge river dolphin species

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This animal must have lived about 16 million years ago: it is a huge river dolphin that could reach 3.5 meters in length. Researchers found a fossil of the skull of this new species, which… The bebanista snorted It was mentioned in Peru.

They discovered the huge animal while walking and soon discovered that it was not related to the famous Amazon pink dolphin. In fact, the closest relatives live 6,000 miles away in Southeast Asia.

This animal probably originally lived in the ocean, but moved to rivers in difficult times in search of food, as did many other species.

These rivers have long ceased to be real refuges. According to researchers, all living river dolphins are threatened with extinction within the next 20 to 40 years.

Habitat loss, food shortages and pollution led to the Chinese flag dolphin, the only freshwater species in the country's longest river, being declared extinct in 2007.

We hope that it is not too late to conserve existing species, and that finding this huge ancient animal will help bring more attention to the fate of river dolphins.

Read more about the research here: Discovery of an ancient giant dolphin in the Amazon

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