filigree?  Study shows that aging can be reversed

filigree? Study shows that aging can be reversed

We all get older, but fun is different. Since humans existed, we’ve done everything we can to prevent this aging process. Creams, pills and Botox and other treatments Even sleeping well, eating healthy and not smoking, people do all kinds of things to slow down the aging process.

But will there be a new anti-aging method in the not too distant future? to me Pioneering studyWhich was published in a scientific journal late last week cell, Could. “Aging appears to be a reversible process,” says anti-aging expert David Sinclair. vs CNN. “It does not matter if the body is 50 or 75 years old, whether it is healthy or sick.”

The blind old mice are young again

The Harvard researcher conducted experiments on mice in laboratories in Boston. By “reprogramming” their genes (fragments of DNA), a genetics professor saw that old, blind mice regained their sight, developed new brains and built new muscle tissue. There was also an opposite effect in young mice. It is prematurely outdated.

The researcher states that the results of the trials are groundbreaking CNN who worked on the study for at least 13 years. According to him, the findings contradict current theories about aging.

Many scientists currently believe that aging is the result of genetic mutations that gradually affect our bodies. This ultimately creates a “graveyard of damaged cell tissue”. This cellular tissue causes all sorts of aging characteristics, deterioration and disorders and this process is irreversible.

Aging researcher: Our DNA can be reactivated

But according to researcher Sinclair, there is something else behind the aging process. “There is no such thing as a graveyard for cell tissue. And it is not just the damage to our genes that causes us to age.” Rather, it is the loss of the body cell’s ability to read the original DNA that causes the body cell to forget how to function. .”

According to him, each person backs up his DNA. We are losing that copy more and more. Not because that copy is already gone, but because our cells increasingly lack the instructions to retrieve and read that copy. As a result, we grow old — not limited to — graying hair.

But the good news is: our DNA copy can be reactivated. Sinclair did it himself on mice by turning on a biological switch.

Fight aging by “rebooting” cells

He was able to reverse the aging process in animals by teaching cells again how to access their original DNA. This way they can read the DNA copy again. Sinclair compares the process to an old computer, he says CNN. Sometimes such a computer can no longer open programs due to aging. Sinclair says the software is corrupt and must therefore be restarted.

But we cannot start ourselves. This must be done from the outside. And that’s what he did with old blind mice by messing with their body cells and genes. Their youth was still hidden somewhere in their depths. Cells that lacked the ability to revive so young and reboot were able to do it again.

Smoking and chronic lack of sleep cause aging

You yourself also influence the on and off of your DNA. For example, if you smoke a lot or suffer from chronic sleep deprivation, the cells in your body panic. As a result, epigenomes, the particles that sit on each DNA gene and give it instructions, get distracted, explains researcher Sinclair. CNN.

“Because instead of checking your cells, now they have to fix it. Then, not all of your genetics finds its way back in. Some of those cellular bits lose their way home. Over time, it’s like a game of ping-pong, where you hit more and more balls on the floor.” “.

Back up in your body that you can reset

The more epigenomes that have lost their way home, the fewer good instructions for reading the original DNA. As a result, people who do not live healthy lives often have to deal with the characteristics of aging more quickly. But then comes the amazing thing: “There is a backup copy of the software in your body that you can reset,” says researcher Sinclair.

“We can reverse the aging process, which shows that the system is still intact. There is a backup. The program only needs to be restarted.” According to a co-author, the study “will change the way we look at the aging process. It also changes the way we treat diseases related to aging.” The co-author indicates, among other things, heart complaints or dementia.

“The question is no longer whether renewal is possible, but more about when.”

How we hit the reset button in humans is not yet known. “For now, we only know we can flip a switch, not how. We explain why the programs in our body are corrupted and how to restart the system by clicking on the reset button. This button restores the cell’s ability to properly read DNA again.”

The next step is to test cell regeneration in humans. to the American Journal the time Sinclair says so It is only a matter of time. “We still don’t understand how regeneration really works, but we know that it works. Now when I see an older person, I don’t think of them as aging, but I think of them as someone whose system needs a reboot. It’s no longer a matter of if regeneration is possible, but when.” .

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filigree? Groundbreaking study suggests ‘aging can be reversed’

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