FIFA creates 8 new countries to organize the 2034 World Cup

FIFA creates 8 new countries to organize the 2034 World Cup

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FIFA is about to create eight new countries. FIFA wants to facilitate the allocation of the organization of the 2034 World Cup. The new countries are spread across several continents. The new state between Ukraine, Poland and Russia is particularly striking.

“We believe that the World Cup should be for the whole world. The fact that we can award the tournament to new countries in Antarctica, Africa, Asia, South America and Australia fits perfectly with this philosophy. Moreover, the new countries are still completely empty.” “In terms of history and human rights,” Infantino said.

the countries

Emirates Airlines country

Novelty: FIFA creates a country spread across four continents. With four newly built hubs, Emirates lets you travel quickly and cheaply from one continent to another, as long as you’re in the same country.


Great news for all Meppel residents: Meppel has been promoted to country status. There is a good chance that the country will be able to organize the World Cup in 2034. Let’s get started Maple!

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