Ferry Doedens takes a break from social media: 'Living out of a suitcase' |  RTL Street

Ferry Doedens takes a break from social media: 'Living out of a suitcase' | RTL Street

“Ferry is doing well, but he is actually taking a break on social media,” his management says. This has to do with the fact that his new house is “continually delayed in terms of its completion.” “So he lives out of a suitcase and from crashing into friends' houses after weeks in hotels.” According to his administration, this situation “has a very serious impact on him.” But fortunately, there's also good news: Fury will finally get his key on Monday. “The house has been recently furnished, so he can move in right away tomorrow. There are still a few small things to do, but a lot has already been done.”

“It was a turbulent and uncertain time for him,” his administration continues. Delivery will take place in November. So there is “a significant amount of time in between.” It is unclear how long his hiatus from social media will last. The actor has informed his management that they “might post some stuff again.”

Although Fairey has been living out of a suitcase lately, his work hasn't stopped. That's what he did for the recordings Hunting season Behind his back he is making progress on his OnlyFace account. In fact, he was able to pay for his house in Amsterdam two years ago with income from his explicit videos. “Special thanks to my fans who helped make this possible,” he captioned his Instagram post at the time. The fact that it took so long is due to the fact that the house was still under construction.

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