Fall Guys is launching on Xbox Series and Xbox One this summer – Games – News

You can create a party with friends and then go online together on the same server :)

This does not make it a team game. After all, Baldur’s Gate is not a team game either, although “You must pool your party before the adventure.” Party game! = Party game. ;)

Party game is often understood as a game that is easy to participate in all of us in the same room. Good examples: Among us (free on smartphone), games from Jackbox Games (on TV + smartphones), it is easy to pick up games that you can play locally in split screen / shared with / against each other on a PC / console ,. …

Fall Guys isn’t a really traditional party game because everyone in the company has to purchase the game individually. This creates a barrier to playing “just like this” during the “party”. Everyone also needs their own PC or console, which for just sake of summoning during a random party increases the threshold. And no, the LAN end does not convert every multiplayer game into a team game. : +

The only thing Fall Guys has is that the gameplay is simple. The rest is against calling it a team game.

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