Fajah Lourens left GTST for financial reasons: “I had 1,350 euros” |  RTL Street

Fajah Lourens left GTST for financial reasons: “I had 1,350 euros” | RTL Street

At first, Vaga tried to put her career first. So she wanted to get in at any cost Good times bad times Play, even if she has to “pay money” to do so. “But of course it doesn't work that way in real life,” she admits. “I had 1,350 euros which of course is nothing. My daycare was already 800 euros.” At the time, Fajah was a mother to her daughter, Erem. But, as she put it, “she couldn't enjoy life like other people without children.” That's why I quickly decided to earn extra money through side jobs. “Then I got this feeling of making money.”

However, the makers of the GTST did not want it to appear at exhibitions. “Because you're a star and you don't belong on the show,” Vaga quotes her former employer. “Well, then you have to pay me like a star,” Vaga continues. Eventually, Vaga threw in the towel and left the series. “I left myself, but I left very early in my career.” Even though the producer asked her at the time to think about it more, Fajjah couldn't put her pride aside. “I paid for it. My career was over after that.”

“Then Yolanthe entered,” Fajah continues On the way to tomorrow And I went out. They are of the same type, of course. So I got all the roles after that. not me.”

Despite her pride, she admits that what is most important to her is “keeping her family together.” “My career became less important at that moment. I just thought: If things go well, it'll be OK.”

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