Fahishta more than expected finds Carlo's decision difficult  RTL Street

Fahishta more than expected finds Carlo's decision difficult RTL Street

Carlo already has twins from a previous relationship. So he now has five children in total. “It's challenging enough now,” he says. “For me, it's… yeah, the fear seems a little weird, but there's a very good chance that if it happens again, it won't be a one-time thing. Five is just real enough,” he continues.

Vahishta clearly disagrees with Carlo undergoing surgery to be sterilized. “I think it's very definitive,” she explains. “I just know: We make nice kids. The world needs more of that. And if God wants it to be different, we'll notice.” “This is indeed, God willing, but if I have anything to say about it…” Carlo continues firmly.

On the way to the hospital, Carlo points out that he's basically doing it to himself. “I know I'm ready after five kids. This is really perfect for me. I understand about you: you have three kids and two more, it's probably still a little itchy.” But this is not the reason, according to Vahishta. “It doesn't mean I still want to have kids right now. It's like I said: final. It's just over. I'm finding it difficult.”

After the operation, Carlo walked out of the room beaming: “I kind of feel like I've been hit with laughing gas. I'm even very cheerful!” “You're going to cry in an hour, man, I already know that,” Vahishta said.

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