Fabiana Ecclestone speaks to South American countries about diversity and the promotion of the sport

FIA Vice President for Sport South America Fabiana Ecclestone at the weekend Brazilian Grand Prix Holding talks with motorsport federations in South and Central America. The talks were meant to, among other things, promote sports, train marshals, and increase diversity. The initiative will continue next month at the FIA ​​General Assembly in Bologna, Italy.

Fabiana Ecclestone

“We discussed how we could put together an action plan to promote the sport further in South and Central America,” said Ecclestone, who spoke to representatives from Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru and Uruguay and the FIA ​​vice president. Among others.North American Sports Daniel Quinn.

“The first meeting was about bringing representatives from different countries together. This way we understand more about the specific issues that exist in each country. The aim is to get more people involved in Motorsports Attracting and increasing the number of drivers and increasing diversity. We’ve made a list of the areas we need to address the most and can now formulate a strategic plan on how we can improve those areas.”

During the Sao Paulo Grand Prix, FIA President Mohamed Ben Sulayem was represented by Fabiana Ecclestone in the ceremonies surrounding the 50th edition of the Brazilian Grand Prix.

Fabiana Ecclestone

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