Extras resign en masse after 'The Oath' by Sylvester Stallone |  RTL Street

Extras resign en masse after 'The Oath' by Sylvester Stallone | RTL Street

Sylvester Stallone, 77, is under fire after he insulted and mocked several extras on the set of “Tulsa King.” He is said to have made nasty comments about their appearance, causing several extras to walk out of the job.

“Fry pork fat”

The extras' experiences were shared on a private Facebook page for actors in the Atlanta area. They are said to have frequently discussed Sylvester and the unnamed director.

Extras will be mocked and ridiculed mainly because of their weight and appearance. For example, the people in question are called “ugly” and called “a piece of pork fat” and “a fat man with a walking stick.” The person to whom this last comment was made reportedly said that hearing those words “hurts his soul.”

Casting agency Rose Locke Casting would be responsible for hiring the extras, but according to Sylvester would only provide the “ugly” extras. Sylvester reportedly said that he preferred “beautiful young women” near him.

The casting agency indicated that it would stop collaborating with the series, writing in a statement on Facebook: “We wanted to give you an update on events here in our casting world.” We have chosen to say goodbye Tulsa King. We'll finish the job next week, and the 12th is our last day. We send our best wishes to whoever is handling the show. Thank you all, our amazing background artists, for your continued support.

Craig Zisk, the show's director and executive producer, has since responded to the allegations. He denies everything and says that no insults were directed at the extras on the set TMZ. According to Craig, the casting agency was going to cast the “wrong” extras. Although, he said, young people, aged between twenty and thirty, were asked to perform a scene in a fashionable bar, older extras were introduced.

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Sylvester himself has yet to respond to the allegations.

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