Ex-skier Femky Beuling as a cyclist to Vuelta City: “Explosiveness is my strength” |  sports

Ex-skier Femky Beuling as a cyclist to Vuelta City: “Explosiveness is my strength” | sports

Former skier Femke Beuling (23) has signed a contract with the US cycling team EF Education. The formation announced that it was immediately agreed that she would make her road debut next month at the Tour of Spain. Beuling had already gone to a training camp with EF Education.

Beuling was a professional skier for several seasons and became the world champion in the 500m among juniors. After a foot injury started bothering her more and more, she decided to focus on cycling, a part she trained a lot for as a skater.

“Since last summer I’ve started to focus more on cycling,” says Beuling. “I started to enjoy it more and more. Moreover, I noticed that the training sessions were getting better and better. After I decided to stop skiing completely, I wanted to try to get as far into cycling as possible.”

She has already led many club level competitions in the Netherlands and has been really successful. “Sprinting and blasting is my strength.”

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