Eva Jenek leaves RTL and goes to AvroTros: “It’s time for something different”

Eva Jenek leaves RTL and goes to AvroTros: “It’s time for something different”

The broadcaster will return to the public broadcaster from early 2024. She will prepare a program at AvroTros focusing on current affairs and culture. This means that Eva is leaving RTL after four years. “I look back on the past years at RTL with great pleasure. The whole period was adventurous and very educational. Now it’s time for something different.”

Eva receives an offer she doesn’t want to refuse. “When AvroTros asked me to return to public broadcasting to develop a program with them in which I could give room to my journalistic side and, above all, my heart for culture, I became immediately excited. We very much look forward to inspiring the viewer with this.”

Eva is now on maternity leave. “We will elaborate on our cooperation plans later, but first my baby will arrive and I am of course very much looking forward to it now.”

Peter van der Vorst, Content Director at RTL, tells us: “We have had a great time working with Eva over the past four years and would love to continue this collaboration. We think this is a shame, but respect her choice.” In recent years, we have had strong programs in Late Night, which Renzi, Humberto and Bo would continue to build on together. We wish Eva good luck at AvroTros.”

Watch all about Eva’s passing in the video below.

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