Europe holiday weather: Warming temperatures close to home

Europe holiday weather: Warming temperatures close to home

Hot tropical in Valencia. Photo: Emma Martens

Summer holidays are in full swing and summer is in full swing in many places in Europe. The heat is especially present in southern Europe and in the coming days this warm air will try to gain ground further north. You can read if this will actually work in this holiday weather roundup.

In the coming days, the holiday weather will be more pleasant in our country than it has been in recent times. You can find all the details about the weather in your country here.

Unsettled in Scandinavia

If you’ve been to Scandinavia, your vacation has fallen into the water in recent days. Storm Hans passed here and caused heavy rain in many places. The rain has decreased now, but there is no doubt about nice summer weather in the near future.

Still a little changed with a chance of a daily shower. However, especially in Sweden, there will be a few dry moments this weekend when the sun is shining. Temperatures are rising again. For example, it is about 24 degrees in Stockholm on Saturday, while thermometers indicate only 16 degrees today. The temperature in Oslo, Norway will be around 22 degrees this weekend. In addition, a few showers are also possible over the weekend.

Great holiday weather near home

Are you going on a trip to London or Berlin? Then you can count on fairly warm temperatures in the coming period. The heat from southern Europe is trying to make its way north. This causes the temperatures to rise dramatically. On Friday, summer will be in the British capital, with a temperature of 27 degrees Celsius, and in Berlin, the mercury will rise to 30 tropical degrees this weekend. Dry and sunny moments prevail, although showers are possible occasionally. Especially in the British Isles. After the weekend, some strong thunderstorms may develop in Germany.

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Summer in France is summer in large parts of the country. The sun shines abundantly, especially in the east and south of the country. Here we also find the highest temperatures with values ​​between 30 and 34 degrees near Toulouse and on the Côte d’Azur. In the northwest of the country, there are more clouds and rain that passes regularly over the region. Here we also find significantly lower temperatures. In some places in Brittany, for example, it is only 22 degrees. The temperature in Paris is around 28 degrees every day with a mixture of clouds, sun and the occasional shower. After the weekend, the chance of some hot thunderstorms will increase in large parts of the country.

Very hot in Portugal and Spain

The real heat, as is often the case this summer, can be found on the Iberian Peninsula. Spain and Portugal will have to deal with very high temperatures in the coming period. Especially in Andalusia, it is very hot with maximum temperatures around 40 degrees or more. For example, the temperature cannot go below 45 degrees in Seville on Friday. High temperatures are also reached in the interior of Portugal. The maximum temperature along the Spanish border is around 40°C, with these temperatures it is best to skip the hottest part of the day or enjoy a refreshing drink in the shade.

It’s more fun in coastal areas. For example, on the Spanish coast, it ranges from 30 to over 35 degrees daily. In Porto it is about 25 degrees and in Lisbon it will be more than 30 degrees. In both Portugal and Spain, there is no precipitation on the program for the near future and the days are mostly sunny. With this weather you will be dry in no time after a refreshing swim in the pool. Make sure to scrub well! The sun is still very strong with solar 8 or 9. Unprotected skin can burn in 10 minutes.

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Plenty of summer elsewhere in southern Europe too

Summer is still in full swing in Italy. However, it does not get as hot as in Spain here. Maximums here are daily between 28 and 35 degrees, with the highest values ​​being achieved indoors. In Rome, for example, it is sometimes stuffy when you walk the streets at the hottest time of the day. The popular Croatian seaside resort of Split has great holiday weather. The days are dry and the sun often shines profusely in temperatures over 30 degrees. This makes the weather great for a dip in the sea once in a while. For now, not much will change in this region and it will remain full of summer.

The weather picture is similar in Türkiye and Greece

In both Greece and Turkey, the weather picture is comparable to the rest of Southern Europe. The days are mostly dry with mostly clear blue skies. In mainland Greece, local bathing is not excluded, but that doesn’t mean much. The maximum here daily is about 32 or 33 degrees. On the Greek islands, the mercury usually ranges between 27 and 30 degrees. Strong northwest winds provide the needed cooling here. All in all great holiday weather.

Kokkari in Samos, Greece. Photo: Adobe Stock / Iraklis Milas.

On the Turkish Riviera, there are alternating periods of very sunny periods with a few cumulonimbus clouds. Here too it will be tropically warm with maximum temperatures ranging between 32 and 34 degrees. Istanbul has more clouds and not a single shower is excluded. However, dry moments prevail, and with highs around 29 degrees, the weather is good for discovering the city.

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