Establishment of the veto power in the European Union in Arabic

Establishment of the veto power in the European Union in Arabic

Leader of the Christian Union party for the European elections, Anja Haga, calls for the abolition of the veto within the European Council. She called it “shameful” that Hungarian President Viktor Orban is holding his support for Ukraine “hostage.” She says this in the run-up to the European elections on Sven Op 1 on NPO Radio 1.

Due to the poor state of the rule of law in Hungary, according to Brussels, subsidies allocated to that country have been frozen. But when Orban threatened to block a new €50 billion support package for Ukraine in February, the money tap was opened again. In addition, Orban was promised that the European Commission would not be tougher in dealing with Hungary than with other member states.

Al-Hajj says: I don’t understand. “First of all, I think it’s shameful that Orban is holding Ukraine’s support hostage. Moreover, I think they should be able to cut off their money if Hungary doesn’t play by the rules.

At the European summit in December last year, member states circumvented Hungary’s opposition to make another concession to Ukraine using subterfuge. When Orbán went to the toilet, the vote was taken. To prevent such situations from occurring in the future, the Christian Union wants to abolish the veto.

“This way you can act with a majority vote, Orbán can no longer hold things hostage, and you can act decisively,” says Haga. “This way you can also prevent the situation where he has to go to the toilet at the time of voting, so that the aid can still go to Ukraine.”

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Lowest wage

In the run-up to the European elections, the union federation is also calling for an equal minimum wage in the EU. This should be sixty percent of the average salary. “So the minimum wage is different, but always 60 percent, so you can create a level playing field,” says Haga. “It will cost money, but it will also achieve a lot.”

The Christian Democrat also wants to protect the freedom of Christian education. “We grant other freedoms. Give Christians and other believers the freedom to believe,” she says. “This is the most important point for the elections. Hence our slogan: Your freedom is our mission.”

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To this end, the Federal Union must struggle in Brussels without a Stability and Growth Pact. The parties canceled cooperation in Europe in 2022, after the CU replaced the European Conservatives and Reformists (ECR) with the Christian Democratic faction. This could cost the Christian Union its seat, while the Socialist Reform Party will be retained in the European Parliament according to the latest opinion polls. “We left the ERC because of the Forum for Democracy joining. This has gone too far for us,” says Haga.

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